Dr Katie Adam

Knowledge Broker

My work within EPIC includes translation and communication of science as effective and ethical evidence for animal disease preparedness policy and disease outbreak response. As an EPIC Knowledge Broker and co-lead for Challenge 1, I provide qualitative risk assessment for exotic animal diseases with Scottish Government policy-makers, translate science to non-scientific audiences, and facilitate communication between policy-makers and EPIC scientists to provide high quality advice for exotic animal disease preparedness and animal health policy. I also collaborate with EPIC colleagues across the whole of the consortium, including epidemiologists, social scientists, economists and mathematical modellers to deliver the EPIC Knowledge Exchange (KE) and public engagement strategy.


I am a Lecturer in the Global Academy of Agriculture and Food Systems at the University of Edinburgh. My career has covered many aspects of animal health and One Health, including veterinary practice, population health in livestock and aquaculture production, epidemiology, social science, knowledge exchange and public health. While my research is mostly UK-based, I have also worked on projects in Norway, Tanzania and Malawi. My research interests lie in understanding the human factors that influence animal health, and in the development and implementation of practical, innovative strategies to prevent and control infectious disease in animal and human populations.

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Contact details

Global Academy of Agriculture and Food Systems , Easter Bush Campus, Charnock Bradley Building,
University of Edinburgh
EH25 9RG