The 2023 EPIC Conference

EPIC is a collaborative research consortium involving multiple institutions, dedicated to providing the Scottish Government (SG) with scientific evidence. Our mission is to aid the SG in preventing, preparing for, and eradicating significant animal diseases through the delivery of the highest calibre research.

The 2023 EPIC conference on “One Health: the future of human and animal health” was held on the 2nd and 3rd of October in Edinburgh and it provided a platform for researchers, the Scottish Government and various stakeholders to engage in discussion about the work carried out by EPIC and the way forward.

Catch up on two days of lively talks, diverse viewpoints, and a shared goal of learning and growing our scientific knowledge. Watch Now: Conference Recordings on YouTube


We were honoured to have the conference’s opening address delivered by MP Gillian Martin. Then, our distinguished keynote speaker, Professor Matthew Baylis from the University of Liverpool, presented an engaging talk on the concept of “One Health”, exploring its historical roots, present state and future prospects.
The first day of the 2023 conference also provided an opportunity to review the centre’s research conducted over the past year, highlighting our accomplishments in our role as the Scottish Government’s scientific advisors for managing animal disease outbreaks.

Opening: Gillian Martin, MSP - Minister for Energy and the Environment, Scottish Government


Keynote: Matthew Baylis "One health past, present and future”



During the second day of the conference, parallel sessions provided an opportunity for in-depth and focused discussions. Participants engaged in discussions that explored "The Role of Animal Health in Reaching Net Zero Targets," addressed the complexities of "Avian Influenza Vaccination" in session two, delved into "Lessons Across One Health" with a focus on advancements in quantifying disease outbreaks, and explored the journey from "Biosecurity, from Policy to Implementation" in the fourth session. These sessions offered the change to explore key issues at the intersection of animal health, public health, and environmental sustainability.

The Role of Animal Health in Reaching Net Zero Targets


Biosecurity, from Policy to Implementation


Avian Influenza Vaccinations


Lessons Across One Health



Please find below the agenda for the event


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