New Logo Announcement: Introducing EPIC’s New Brand Identity

New Logo Announcement: Introducing EPIC’s New Brand Identity

Big news! We are excited to announce the launch of our new EPIC logo!

Over the last 15 years of being funded by the Scottish Government, EPIC has grown and evolved.

We have decided to update our visual identity to reflect what we are today, after more than a decade of science-policy work, and to symbolise our dynamic future.

After careful consideration, we have chosen a logo that is outward-looking, whilst remaining true to our longstanding reputation and mission to deliver excellent and focused expertise on animal disease outbreaks to the Scottish Government.

We worked to find something that appeared more dynamic, clear, and fresh but, at the same time, instilled confidence and trust in our experience, knowledge, and competence.

Proud as we are of our history, we retain the old identity’s core elements. In epidemiology, the circle or spot identifies the place of onset of a disease; the size increases represent the potential for an outbreak to develop, yet the colour lightens in light of preparation and proactive response. At the same time, the circle stands for totality as EPIC rises to the evolving challenges with an integrated and unified approach across disciplines to achieve One Health.

Also, the new design improves the readability of the full name of the Centre of Expertise on Animal Disease.

Outbreaks.Epic Logo gif


Our new logo will accompany our ongoing mission to advise the Scottish Government on monitoring and control of animal disease outbreaks both in the short-term, with our expert knowledge advising the response to the current Avian Influenza epidemic (Avian Influenza Blog), and in the upcoming years, whatever the challenges that lie ahead.


We will be updating all of our online presence with the new identity. We invite our partners who are using the EPIC logo to contact us to get the new logo guidelines. Look out for more updates—we are revamping our website—as we continue to try to better serve our mission with clear, competent and trustworthy knowledge.