Introducing EPIC Scotland’s New Website

We're thrilled to introduce our brand-new website!

Our latest online platform is designed to cater to your needs and offer a seamless experience. Whether you're seeking knowledge, looking for solutions, or simply connecting with like-minded individuals, our website has you covered.

Here are some key highlights of what you can expect from our new website:
  • A Community of Experts: EPIC Scotland is home to a community of experts and researchers who are passionate about sharing their insights and expertise. Funded by the Scottish Government, EPIC offers you content of the highest quality authored by experts.
  • Cutting-Edge Research and Publications: Stay ahead of the curve by accessing research on animal epidemiology, population health, and infectious disease control in livestock.
  • A Place to Connect: EPIC Scotland provides a platform for you to connect with like-minded individuals. Don’t hesitate to engage with the EPIC community.
Explore our research excellence across these key areas:
What can EPIC do for you? EPIC is here to assist a diverse range of stakeholders, whether you find yourself in the:
  • Livestock sector: We offer insights and solutions relevant to both the livestock industry and veterinary experts.
  • Decision makers: For policymakers, we provide valuable data and recommendations.
  • Scientists: We collaborate with fellow researchers to advance our understanding of livestock diseases.
  • General Interest: If you have a general interest in animal health and disease control, we have resources for you.
If you prefer to dive straight to the source:

If you're seeking specific research findings, head over to our Resources section and utilize our search filter. You can refine your search results based on animal species, diseases, or your intended audience. We're here to make your journey to knowledge as efficient as possible.