Prof. Lucy Gilbert

Animal Ecologist

I am an animal ecologist at the University of Glasgow, specialising in multi-trophic interactions with particular expertise on pests and parasites, especially the ecology of ticks and tick-borne diseases. My research is currently focussing on the environmental factors driving the risk of tick-borne diseases, tick-borne disease risk in urban green spaces in relation to wildlife corridors, and how humans (and livestock) may influence their own tick-borne disease risk by creating a landscape of fear in deer (and modifying habitat through grazing).

In EPIC I am a co-leader of Challenge 5: Changes in national and international exogenous drivers of disease risk: perception, economics and adaptation. I am collaborating with the social scientists, investigating how farmers, and policy-makers use EPIC-produced risk maps, interactive models and Apps as part of their biosecurity decision-making.

When not researching disease ecology, I love unwinding in the great outdoors, especially sea kayaking, mountain biking, hill walking and wildlife watching in the Scottish Highlands and islands.

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Contact details

School of Biodiversity, One Health and Veterinary Medicine, University of Glasgow
Wolfstone Link Building
G12 8QQ