Standardizing output-based surveillance to control non-regulated cattle diseases: Aspiring for a single general regulatory framework in the European Union

Lina Costa, Elsa L. Duarte, Tanja Knific, Jaka Jakob Hodnik, Annikavan Roon, Christine Fourichon, Xhelil Kolec, Gerdienvan Schaik, George Gunn*, Aurélien Madouasse, John Berezowski, Inge Santman-Berendsd


• Non-regulated cattle diseases in EU are subject to different control programmes making difficult their comparison.

• Output-based and risk-based approaches can provide comparable data regardless of the surveillance activities or epidemiological scenarios.

• SOUND CONTROL will provide requirements for an output-based framework for non-regulated cattle diseases.

• Results can be applicable to other diseases and species, widening the application of output-based and cost-efficient disease surveillance.


Several European countries have implemented country specific programmes to control cattle diseases with little or no regulation in the European Union (EU). These control programmes vary between member states, impairing a confident comparison of freedom from disease when cattle originate from different countries. In order to facilitate safe trade, there is a need to support the development of transparent methods that enable comparison of outputs of surveillance, control or eradication programmes. The aim of the COST Action (CA 17110), Standardizing OUtput-based surveillance to control Non-regulated Diseases in the EU (SOUND control), is the development of a generic and joint understanding of the requirements and characteristics needed for a flexible output-based framework. This framework should be able to substantiate the confidence of disease freedom and cost-effectiveness of heterogeneous surveillance, control or eradication programmes for cattle diseases in the EU. This project supports other initiatives in the development of an output-based framework which will subsequently facilitate safe trade and support the improvement of disease control measures, which is of great importance as the cattle sector contributes to one third of the total gross production value of EU agriculture.

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