A longitudinal analysis of farmers’ uptake of animal health and welfare technologies

L. Toma, A. Barnes, L-A. Sutherland, S. Thomson, K. Mathews, A.W. Stott

This study analyses the impact of a priori identified determinants of adoption of innovative animal health and welfare technologies by Scottish livestock farmers. The analysis uses a longitudinal dataset of 441 observations for livestock farmers collected through two surveys of Scottish agricultural holdings in 2013 and 2016, and longitudinal structural equation modelling to test influences on technology adoption intentions and behaviour. The model explains 75 per cent of the variance in uptake and intentions to uptake technologies. Profit orientation, technological investment, past technological uptake, attitudes towards uptake of technology, frequency of access to information (past & current), identified successorship, and being a recipient of a single farm payment have significant influence on technology adoption, while technological investment and current and past technological uptake have a significant influence on intentions to uptake. 


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