Dr Theo Pepler

I am a statistician and research associate at the University of Glasgow. My research interests include principal component analysis, biostatistics and statistical epidemiology. In the past, I have worked as a lecturer in Statistics and Biometry, and in 2014 completed my PhD in Statistics at Stellenbosch University in South Africa. As a member of EPIC, my work includes the investigation of disease risk and spread due to animal movements (Topic 2). By combining genomic information with recorded animal movement data, I aim to improve estimation of disease risk and inference on the sources of infection. I am also working on methodology for syndromic surveillance and early detection of unusual disease outbreaks (Topic 3). This involves analysis of patterns in time series data and development of algorithms for the early detection of disease outbreaks, to aid timely implementation of infection control measures. As a proponent of free software and the open science movement, I am passionate about development of sustainable and future-proof data science pipelines. This will contribute to ensure the quantitative modelling legacy of the EPIC programme (Topic 1).

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