Dr Paul Bessell

Within EPIC, the focus of my research is on horizon scanning for disease threats to Scottish livestock. I analyse diseases that could cause outbreaks in Scottish livestock, but are not currently in Scotland. These might be diseases that we have experience of in Scotland such as foot and mouth disease, but I also monitor diseases that we may have never seen in Scotland, or indeed Europe. Contemporary examples include African swine fever and lumpy skin disease, both of which are diseases that have never previously been reported in the UK, but are circulating in Europe.

Where less is known about the disease or threat, I conduct assessment of the threat and potential for spread in Scotland. Where we have more knowledge I attempt to quantify the risks of a particular pathway for introduction. One example from 2014 was research into West Nile virus that estimated the likelihood of the virus being carried to the UK by migrating passerine birds. In EPIC 2, I supported this research with mathematical models to estimate the likely impacts of diseases once they are introduced and the potential for controlling these diseases using vaccination. Examples of such diseases are Schmallenberg virus and Bluetongue virus, both of which are spread by midge vectors.


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