May Fujiwara

I joined EPIC in July 2018 as a post-doctoral research fellow. My work within EPIC includes translation and communication of science as effective and ethical evidence for animal disease preparedness policy and disease outbreak response. As an EPIC “knowledge broker”, I provide qualitative risk assessment for exotic animal diseases with Scottish Government policy-makers, translate science to non-scientific audience, and facilitate communication between policy-makers and EPIC scientists to provide high quality advice for exotic animal disease preparedness and animal health policy. I also collaborate with EPIC colleagues across the whole of the consortium, including epidemiologists, social scientists, economists and mathematical modellers to deliver the EPIC Knowledge Exchange (KE) and public engagement strategy.

I was qualified as a vet in Japan and had practised as a farm animal and zoo veterinarian before coming to the UK. I completed a master degree in Applied Animal Behaviour and Welfare in 2012 and a PhD in dairy cow behaviour and welfare in 2018 from the University of Edinburgh. My research focused on the impact of maternal stress during pregnancy on offspring performance. I am particularly interested in the association between farm management practices and animal health and welfare status.


Assessing the Likelihood of High Pathogenicity Avian Influenza Incursion Into the Gamebird Sector in Great Britain via Designated Hatcheries. M. Fujiwara, H. Auty, I. Brown and L. Boden

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