Prof. Mark Bronsvoort

I am a veterinary epidemiologist working at the Roslin Institute where I lead the Epidemiology, Economics and Risk Assessment (EERA) Group. We are a mix of veterinarians, statisticans, mathematical modellers, molecular epidemiologists, social scientists, geographers and geneticists working on a number of globally important infectious diseases of livestock and humans including rabies, foot-and-mouth disease, bovine tuberculosis, Rift Valley fever, Q fever and liver fluke.

After working in general practice as a clinican, I spent some time in the tropics where I became interested in ecology which led me to a research position at the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine, where I worked as a research assistant managing a drug screening programme for human river blindness in Cameroon. I subsequently studied the epidemiology of foot-and-mouth disease in endemic settings in Africa on a Wellcome Trust Fellowship. In 2003 I move to the University of Edinburgh as a lecturer and worked on a number of large field based studies including the "Infectious Diseases of East Africa" (IDEAL) study and the epidemiology of bovine tuberculosis in Cameroon.

The group is focused on improving methods of surveillance, understanding and predicting transmission and disease spread, mapping diseases and antimicrobial resistance, evaluation of diagnostic tests and developing and support improved disease control strategies both in the United Kingdom and in the tropics, particularly sub-Saharan Africa.


Using machine learning improves predictions of herd-level bovine tuberculosis breakdowns in Great Britain K. Stański, S. Lycett, T. Porphyre & B. M. de C. Bronsvoort

Assessing the potential for Bluetongue virus 8 to spread and vaccination strategies in Scotland. PR Bessell, KR Searle, HK Auty, IG Handel, BV Purse, BM Bronsvoort

Scenario planning: The future of the cattle and sheep industries in Scotland and their resiliency to disease. LA Boden, H Auty, P Bessell, D Duckett, J Liu, C Kyle, A McKee, L Sutherland, J Reynolds, BM Bronsvoort, IJ McKendrick

Quantifying the Risk of Introduction of West Nile Virus into Great Britain by Migrating Passerine Birds. PR Bessell, RA Robinson, N Golding, KR Searle, IG Handel, LA Boden, BV Purse, BM Bronsvoort

Epidemic potential of an emerging vector borne disease in a marginal environment: Schmallenberg in Scotland. PR Bessell, KR Searle, HK Auty, IG Handel, BV Purse, BM Bronsvoort

Impact of temperature, feeding preference and vaccination on Schmallenberg virus transmission in Scotland. PR Bessell, HK Auty, KR Searle, IG Handel, BV Purse, BM Bronsvoort

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