Prof. Lucy Gilbert

I am an animal ecologist at the University of Glasgow, specialising in multi-trophic interactions with particular expertise on pests and parasites, especially the ecology of ticks and tick-borne diseases. My research is currently focussing on the environmental factors driving Ixodes ricinus tick abundance and distribution, the risk of tick-borne diseases and how to manage land use and wildlife to help mitigate risk.

In EPIC I am a co-coordinator for Topic 2 (`Greater Understanding of Disease Risks Due to Animal Movements and Other Factors`). In this topic I have worked with Giles Innocent (BioSS) and others, using slaughter house data on damaged livers to determine the environmental risk factors of liver fluke. I am also collaborating with modellers both within and outwith to develop predictive models and risk maps of tick abundance and louping-ill virus risk across Scotland.


Identifying Environmental Risk Factors for Louping Ill Virus Seroprevalence in Sheep and the Potential to Inform Wildlife Management Policy
L. Gilbert, F. BrĂ¼lisauer, K. Willoughby and C. Cousens

Combining Slaughterhouse Surveillance Data with Cattle Tracing Scheme and Environmental Data to Quantify Environmental Risk Factors for Liver Fluke in Cattle. GT Innocent, L Gilbert, EO Jones, JE McLeod, G Gunn, IJ McKendrick, SD Albon

Effects of conservation management of landscapes and vertebrate communities on Lyme borreliosis risk in the United Kingdom. C Millins, L Gilbert, J Medlock, K Hansford, DBA Thompson, R Biek

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