Prof. Louise Matthews

I am a Senior Research Fellow at the Institute of Biodiversity, Animal Health and Comparative Medicine (BAHCM) and Co-Director of the University of Glasgow’s Boyd Centre for Population and Ecosystem Health. Mathematically trained, I bring 20 years’ experience in veterinary epidemiology, with a focus on the UK’s major livestock and zoonotic diseases. As a post-doctoral researcher and Wellcome fellow at the University of Edinburgh, I worked on scrapie in sheep, was involved in the modelling work on TSEs in the UK’s 2001 foot-and-mouth disease outbreak and began research into the epidemiology and control of E. coli O157 in the Scottish population which continues under current Food Standards Agency funding.

Following a move to the University of Glasgow in 2005 I have expanded my research interests to include the modelling of antimicrobial and anthelminthic resistance; the evolution and exploitation of genetic resistance in livestock; the mathematics and application of diversity measurement; and the application of economic and behavioural approaches to disease control. This final area has been the focus of my work to date under EPIC. Specifically, I have developed game theoretic models to explore the likely uptake by the farming industry of a new diagnostic test for sheep scab. Under the current EPIC project my work will address the analysis of trial data to predict the epidemiological benefits of new vaccines against sheep scab.


Uptake of diagnostic tests by livestock farmers: a stochastic game theory approach. S Mohr, R Beard, A Nisbet, S Burgess, R Reeve, M Denwood, T Porphyre, RN. Zadoks, L Matthews

An analysis of cattle farmers' perceptions of drivers and barriers to on-farm control of Escherichia coli O157. L Toma, JC Low, B Vosough Ahmadi, L Matthews

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