Dr Lisa Boden

I received a liberal arts degree (AB) from Dartmouth College, USA and then trained as a veterinary surgeon at the University of Queensland in Australia. After qualifying, I practised as a large animal veterinarian in Northern Ireland and Australia.  I subsequently completed a PhD in veterinary epidemiology (of racehorse fatalities) at the University of Melbourne and then went on to become both a RCVS specialist and European Diplomate in veterinary public health (with a focus on population medicine). I also have a Masters of Laws in medical law and ethics from the University of Edinburgh which has enabled me to explore legal issues in areas of intellectual property, bio technology and ethics and contingency planning for infectious disease outbreaks.

My current position within EPIC is as a post-doctoral researcher and Principal Investigator, working as a “knowledge broker” to provide Scottish Government policymakers with rapid access  to  emergency  scientific  advice  and  analyses to  prepare  for  and  respond  to emergency  exotic  and  novel  animal  disease outbreaks.  This  work  includes translation  and  communication of  science  as effective  and  ethical  evidence  for  policy,  emergency  outbreak response  and management, risk assessment and communication and horizon scanning and scenario planning work to facilitate strategic thinking about risk and long-term future resilience. I also collaborate with EPIC colleagues across the whole of the  consortium  to  lead  and  deliver the  EPIC  Knowledge  Exchange (KE) and public engagement strategy.

In my spare time, I am a Council Member and Chair of the Credentials Committee of the European College of Veterinary Public Health which is responsible for resident training/ knowledge exchange to promote integrated, multidisciplinary approaches towards improving human and animal public health.

EPIC Conference 2017: Contingency planning for animal disease outbreaks: why we need the humanities, Lisa Boden

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