Prof. Lisa Boden

Lisa Boden is EPIC Director of Policy and Impact.

Lisa is a Professor of Population Medicine and Veterinary Public Health Policy at the University of Edinburgh, based in the Global Academy of Agriculture and Food Security and the Roslin Institute; senior vice President of the European College of Veterinary Public Health (www.ecvph.org). She is a member of the SSAC (Scottish Science Advisory Council).

She co-leads Challenge 1 with Dr Harriet Auty which is responsible for EPIC’s policy-responsive contingency planning, communication and coordination activities to improve disease outbreak preparedness and inform animal health policy. This work includes strategic, tactical and operational oversight of EPIC’s knowledge brokering activities and emergency outbreak response. Her research concentrates on risk assessment and communication, foresighting/resilience, regulation and effective, ethical evidence-based decision-making in animal health to promote global food and animal health security and sustainability. Her aim is to improve veterinary public health and One Health outcomes and facilitate farmer and industry access to international export markets.

Professor Boden also leads a programme of One Health research in fragile and conflict affected regions (such as Syria and surrounding countries- see One Health FIELD Network) to improve preparedness and timely response to global health, environment and food security threats.


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