Prof. Lee-Ann Sutherland

I am an agricultural sociologist focusing on farmer decision-making, farm household adjustment and gentrification processes in agriculture. Hutton social research in EPIC is located in WP2.4.1 (`Understanding Attitudes to Biosecurity`). This is comprised of empirical research with dairy and beef farmers, in order to illuminate their biosecurity assessment practices (particularly in relation to BVD, but with implications for other diseases) and a separate piece of work looking at biosecurity practices across the range of poultry holding types (focusing particularly on preparedness and potential response to an AI or other outbreak).


Two good interview questions: Mobilizing the ‘good farmer’ and the ‘good day’ concepts to enable more-than-representational research Socialogica Ruralis, 2021 L Sutherland

Scenario planning as communicative action: Lessons from participatory exercises conducted for the Scottish livestock industry. DG Duckett, AJ McKee, L Sutherland, C Kyle, LA Boden, H Auty, PR Bessell, IJ McKendrick. Technological Forecasting and Social Change, Vol 114, January 2017

Scenario planning: The future of the cattle and sheep industries in Scotland and their resiliency to disease. LA Boden, H Auty, P Bessell, D Duckett, J Liu, C Kyle, A McKee, L Sutherland, J Reynolds, BMdC Bronsvoort, IJ McKendrick. Preventative Veterinary Medicine, Vol 121, October 2015

True cowmen and commercial farmers: Exploring vets' and dairy farmers' contrasting views of 'good farming' in relation to biosecurity. O Shortall, L Sutherland, A Ruston, J Kaler. Sociologia Ruralis, Vol 58, July 2018

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