Katrina Brown

I am a human geographer experienced in researching human-animal relations as practices situated in particular sociomaterial networks. My research is concerned with how animal health and human wellbeing are interconnected, and focuses on tracing how particular animal-human interactions are produced by particular regulatory and institutional arrangements and their social, cultural and environmental circumstances.

I have been at the forefront of developing innovative mobile and video methodologies to shed light on how affective, sensory and bodily experience shape more-than-human practices, including the dynamics of animal-human encounters and their governance in relation to livestock, pets and wildlife. In upcoming research in the EU project ROADMAP, we will develop this technique to aid the understanding of antimicrobial resistance in livestock.

I joined EPIC in 2017 and work in Topic 2 (2.4.1 `Understanding Attitudes to Biosecurity`) with my colleagues Orla Shorthall, Adam Calo and Carol Kyle. In this we interviewed beef and dairy farmers, vets and other relevant stakeholders regarding their experiences of Bovine Viral Diarrhoea (BVD) and the Scottish eradication programme, and undertook some video ethnography to help understand biosecurity as everyday practice.



Enacting and resisting biosecurity citizenship: More-than-human geographies of enrolment in a disease eradication scheme in Scotland. Orla Shotall and Katrina Brown 

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