Dr Julie Stirling

I joined EPIC in 2014 as a quantitative scientist as part of the data management team. The EPIC data repository currently contains a wide range of datasets including livestock population data, animal movement and diagnostic testing data from a variety of sources (Scottish Government, APHA, ScotEID  and other stakeholders). I am responsible for day to day management of the EPIC database servers and data resources available to EPIC and the collection, analysis and distribution of the data, ensuring it is accurate, secure and properly documented. I am also currently involved in evaluating the available sources of sheep demographic and movement data to better understand the sheep population dynamics in Scotland.

My science background is in molecular virology completing a Ph.D. on ͞Studies on the Replication and Assembly of Bluetongue Virus at Pirbright Institute.  I also worked on projects looking at the molecular epidemiology of livestock viruses (Orbiviruses and FMDV) and spent 6 years at Marie Curie Research Institute characterising a specialised class of membrane bound transcription factors.

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