Dr Jude Eze

My  PhD  research  was  on  HIV/AIDS  Epidemic  Models,  conducted  at  Glasgow  University  between November 2005 and Feb 2009. My research interests are in the application of statistical methods to epidemiology  and  environmental  sciences.  I  am particularly  interested  in  spatial  epidemiology covering the study of spatial patterns of disease risks and taking into account spatial-specific risk factors.  I  am  also  interested  in multilevel  analysis  and  changes  in  disease  risks  through  space  and time.

In EPIC 2, I was involved in Modules 2 and 3 which focused on the analyses of potential disease control  options  and  risks  associated  with  animal movements  respectively. Working  with  colleagues in BioSS, we developed process models for disease transmission using BVD as an exemplar disease. The models analyse within farm disease intensity and classify farms based on the levels of intensity. This may help isolate farms with circulating virus or recent infection. This work was developed as a research link between WP6.1 and EPIC, using data resources in WP6.1 and EPIC expertise. In EPIC 3, my work is concentrated in Topic 3 `Improving Veterinary Surveillance Strategy` and I am involved in assessment  of  the  value  of  existing  datasets  for  surveillance  purposes  and  adding value  to  such data by analysing them with appropriate statistical tools in order to aid prevalence estimation.

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