Dr Jiayi Liu

I  am an applied  statistician, and mainly  collaborate  with  veterinary  epidemiologists,  social scientists and economists within the EPIC Centre of Expertise in Animal Disease Outbreaks. I joined the EPIC 2 team in January 2012. Over the period of EPIC 2, I facilitated two scenario planning  workshops which  aimed  to  explore  changes  in  the Scottish  beef  and  sheep industry.  I  also provided  statistical  support  to  study 

  1. Scottish farmer behaviours  and attitudes towards biosecurity and technology uptake. 
  2. Farmers’ knowledge of E. coli O157 and their perceptions about the adoption of on-farm control.

My  responsibilities  for  EPIC  3  are  divided  into  two  main areas.  Firstly, some  of  my  time  is allocated to Topic 3 (3.3.2) `Process control methods for syndromic surveillance`. The aim of this work is to monitor various forms of surveillance data from Scotland, and enable us to develop  a  statistical  framework  to  provide  early  detection  of significant  changes  in  the disease landscape in Scotland.
My second main responsibility is to provide statistical support for Topic 5 ( `Hybrid mixture/random-coefficient regression models for typology construction`. Under this topic, farm-level  responses  to  changes  in  the  economic,  agricultural  and legislative`environment and  their  subsequent  impact  on  disease  policy  development will be  examined.  As  part  of the data analysis team, I will be developing statistical models to assess farm characteristics with  which  to  distinguish  subgroups  of  famers’ behaviour.  Furthermore,  novel  statistical methods will be developed to assess changes in related behaviours. My personal research interests are applying modern statistical methods fosocio-economic applications. 

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