Dr Harriet Auty

I am a veterinary epidemiologist with interests in the dynamics, impacts and control of livestock diseases, particularly vector-borne diseases and zoonoses. I qualified as a vet from University of Liverpool in 2004 and after a stint in general practice moved to University of Edinburgh for a PhD on the epidemiology and ecology of vector-borne zoonoses in Tanzania.

In 2011 I started at the SRUC Epidemiology Research Unit in Inverness as an EPIC fellow, working particularly on outbreak response and policy liaison. In 2020 I moved to University of Glasgow where I am a senior lecturer in the Institute of Biodiversity, Animal Health and Comparative Medicine. I continue to be involved in EPIC and co-lead topics 1 and 3.

My main areas of research in EPIC are:

  1. Disease outbreak response such as risk assessment, contingency planning and provision of scientific advice
  2. Liaison with policy makers at Scottish Government
  3. Veterinary surveillance
  4. Providing veterinary and epidemiological input for models of disease.

I am a diplomate of the European College of Veterinary Public Health. I also continue to be involved in other projects on vector-borne zoonoses, both in Scotland (Lyme disease) and in Tanzania (trypanosomiasis).


Linking human tick bite risk with tick abundance in the environment: A novel approach to quantify tick bite risk using orienteers in Scotland. Ribeiro, R, Eze, JI, Gilbert, L, Macrae, A, Duncan, A, Baughan, J, Gunn, G & Auty, H 

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The Risk of Foot and Mouth Disease Transmission Posed by Public Access to the Countryside During an Outbreak HK Auty, D Mellor, GJ Gunn, LA Boden

Assessing the Economic Impact of Vaccine Availability When Controlling Foot and Mouth Disease Outbreaks. T Porphyre, KM Rich, HK Auty

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Working at the science-policy interface. L Boden, H Auty, P Goddard, A Stott, N Ball, D Mellor

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