Prof. George Gunn

I am an SRUC Professor of Population Medicine and Zoonoses, an SRUC Research Team Leader and Head of Veterinary Epidemiology based at SRUC, Inverness.

My current focus includes livestock disease control with an overarching interest in population medicine and the dynamics of infectious inter-herd diseases and zoonoses. Uniquely I use my background in large animal veterinary practice combined with experience working alongside livestock keepers with outbreak investigation studies and clinical pathology expertise to investigate how effective disease control should best be implemented. It was my increasing involvement in academia that led to a team moving from SAC Consulting to SRUC Research in 2005: the balance away from consultancy in favour of research.

A project manager working at national and international levels, I am a former Director of the EPIC partnership and part of the management teams for the concluding EC ParaTB Tools Project and Defra surveillance review. I have extensive experience of working with industry and helped initiate several cattle disease programmes, including HI-Health, PCHS and Cattle Health Certification Standards (CHeCS).

I am increasingly involved in senior level policy development. With others I have pioneered new approaches which combine epidemiology with socioeconomic factors to examine how infectious diseases fit within the biological, economic and social context of farming and the food marketing chain.

I am called upon for national and international consultancies. I am a visiting professor in Veterinary Epidemiology at the University of Glasgow; a specialist in veterinary epidemiology for the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons; and a Diplomat at both the European College of Veterinary Public Health and the European College of Cattle Health Management. To add to this I frequently act as an external examiner - for example at institutions including the Universities of Edinburgh and Utrecht.

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