Prof. Dominic Mellor (Director)

I am Director of EPIC’s current programme of work (2016-21) and have strategic oversight and leadership across the portfolio. This involves close liaison with the leaders of all the Topics and their scientists. There is also direct interaction and close collaboration with Scottish Government, RESAS, stakeholders and the EPIC steering group. In addition, I maintain communication with the leaders of the institutions that make up the EPIC consortium, and the complementary research programmes in which they are involved, to ensure efficient collaboration and delivery of commissioned work. 

My background and ongoing role with the NHS offers opportunities to link and synergise with health colleagues on animal disease issues that impact on public health through zoonotic infections (including through the food chain) and antimicrobial resistance.

In previous EPIC work, I was joint Principal Investigator (with Julie Fitzpatrick) of Module 1 (Co-ordination, Contingency and Communication), which established ‘knowledge broker’ roles for Lisa Boden and Harriet Auty thus creating much closer understanding, trust and liaison between science and policy to greatly enhance the impact of EPIC’s work.

 Professor Dominic Mellow, who is a professor of Epidemiology and Veterinary Public Health (Veterinary Pathology, Public Health & Disease Investigation) speaks on OneHealth with the title 'Making a dog's breakfast out of a pig's ear'. 



EPIC, Scottish Government's Centre of Expertise in Animal Disease Outbreaks: A Model for Provision of Risk-Based Evidence to Policy. LA. Boden, S. Voas, D. Mellor and H. Auty

Working at the science-policy interface. L Boden, H Auty, P Goddard, A Stott, N Ball, D Mellor

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