Dr Dave Bartley

I am a Principal Investigator in the Disease Control Division of Moredun Research Institute and have specialized in parasitology for over 20 years. My current interests are in improving diagnostics and control strategies for nematode infections of ruminants. Within EPIC I will be looking at the development and dissemination of anthelmintic resistance in the clinically and economically important roundworm Nematodirus battus. In addition I have projects looking at 

  1. The development and generation of genomic resources for sequencing, applying markers of anthelmintic resistance in the field to assess
    the effectiveness and impact of different control strategies on worm populations and the translation of results to relevant stakeholders
  2. The factors that influence farmers`attitudes and behaviours with respect to nematode control
  3. Prescribing groups and distribution channels to ensure appropriate use of anthelmintics in the UK
  4. The identification and characterisation of monepantel resistance in ruminant nematodes, as well as investigating the role of P-glycoproteins and other non-specific mechanisms in the development of anthelmintic resistance in ruminant nematode species.

I actively participates in the promotion of best practice roundworm control in ruminants and the work has been used to inform and update government and levy board publications on the best practice advice for producers (e.g. Sustainable Control of Parasites of Sheep; SCOPS and Control of Worms sustainably; COWS).

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