Dr Chrysa Lamprinopoulou

Chrysa Lamprinopoulou is a postdoc researcher at the University of Edinburgh. Into her role as a researcher at EPIC, she integrates her multidisciplinary background in agricultural economics, epidemiological modelling of zoonotic diseases, and social science - with a specialisation on the reliance and sustainability of agri-food systems and the effectiveness of innovation systems. Her work within EPIC includes qualitative risk assessments, mathematical modelling and machine learning applied to One Health issues, and the ethics assessment of epidemiological models. Chrysa trained as an agricultural economist (BSc) and food marketing expert (MSc), and holds a PhD in the evolution of agri-food business networks from the Business School at the University of Edinburgh. Throughout her career, Chrysa has been involved in a variety of projects in Scotland/the UK and the Global South funded by BBSRC, ESRC, NERC, the Scottish Government and the Veterinary Medicines Directorate. Some of her past research investigated the resilience of UK uplands’ livestock farming systems, and stakeholders’ attitudes towards livestock-associated methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (LA-MRSA) in the UK.

Chrysa is currently involved and interested in:

1) Applying cutting-edge machine learning algorithms to develop:

a) Develop a prototype of a living repository of literature on epidemiological models

b) Produce AIV for spatiotemporal risk maps for Scotland/the UK

2) Develop an integrated framework for ethics assessment of epidemiological models and apply it to review the relevant literature


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