Carol Kyle

I am a research assistant at the James Hutton Institute with a background in farm animal reproduction and nutrition and an interest in agriculture and the environment. I am working in Topic 2- Understanding Attitudes to Biosecurity, collecting and analysing data from qualitative interviews carried out with small scale poultry and pig keepers in order to provide insights to help inform policy and practices during disease outbreaks 


Do we need better relationships with backyard poultry keepers? C Kyle

Scenario planning as communicative action: Lessons from participatory exercises conducted for the Scottish livestock industry. DG Duckett, AJ McKee, L Sutherland, C Kyle, LA Boden, H Auty, PR Bessell, IJ McKendrick

Scenario planning: The future of the cattle and sheep industries in Scotland and their resiliency to disease. LA Boden, H Auty, P Bessell, D Duckett, J Liu, C Kyle, A McKee, L Sutherland, J Reynolds, BMC Bronsvoort, IJ McKendrick

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