Dr Carla Gomes

I qualified as a vet from Porto University in 2002. While I was working as a clinician in practice, I did a Masters in Public Heath in Lisbon Technical University (2005), where I developed work on paratuberculosis in dairy cattle. I finished my PhD in January 2014 on Salmonella in swine in Portugal – risk characterization and development of a simulation model of disease transmission in swine herds. I am currently involved in several projects related to the pig sector and other livestock. I am the ERU species-expert for pigs and contribute expertise to the EPIC Centre Of Expertise. My work on EPIC sits within Topic 3 (Improving Veterinary Surveillance Strategy) and 4 (Analyses of Potential Disease Control Options). I am responsible for liaising with the Scottish pig industry to ground-truth EPIC understandings and assumptions and disseminate outputs from EPIC research.  

My current research interests are

  • the provision of relevant epidemiological science that meets the needs of policy-makers and industry
  • the application of quantitative methods to allow the integration of data from different sources and making the best use of it
  • the estimation of risk factors and disease modelling (special interest in within herd disease spread and control options)

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