Anne-Sophie Ruget

I am a veterinarian with a Masters of Epidemiology, and experience in large animal practice.

As a part of my Masters, I performed a 6-month internship at the Pasteur Institute in Cambodia working on the epidemiology of Japanese Encephalitis. I developed a statistical model to assess the impact of Japanese Encephalitis on the pigs’ health in Northern Vietnam.

I worked then for a year as a veterinary epidemiologist at the Ministry of Agriculture in the Union of the Comoros (Indian Ocean). I was providing support to improve the ‘National Surveillance Network for Diseases in Livestock’.

I am currently completing my PhD at the Roslin Institute as a member of EPIC. My project aims at assessing the risks of disease transmission via livestock movements using network analysis and other methods in the UK. One of my focus, which aligns with the EPIC objectives, aims at building a multi-Species model using multi-layer network for the potential spread of Foot-and-Mouth Disease in Scotland and the UK.


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