Prof. Andrew Barnes

I am an applied economist with around 25 years experience working on topics related to agricultural and rural policy. I have a wide portfolio of interests around metrics and measurement for sustainability and understanding behavioural change for the uptake of technologies and approaches within farming and overall food systems. I have conducted work with a number of agencies, including the Scottish Government, Defra and for the EU around the direct and indirect costs of animal health and their intervention, the impact of climate change on animal health and policies to support this and the co-benefits of animal health, productivity and greenhouse gas emissions. I also work on farmer intentions under policy uncertainty such as CAP reform and Brexit and how this can affect behaviours. Along with the development and application of economic and econometric tools I also work in multi-disciplinary environments and am an advocate of mixed methods approaches to solve global wicked problems. I lead the Rural Economy, Environment and Society Department at SRUC composed of around 50 economists, social scientists, ecologists and natural scientists, as well as policy analysts working on multiple topics affecting land and food production, supply and consumption.


The consequential costs of bovine tuberculosis (bTB) breakdowns in England and Wales
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