Andrea Baggio

I am a geologist at the James Hutton Institute specializing in hydrogeology with more than 5 years of experience in GIS and spatial statistical analysis, geo-statistics methods and modelling.

I spent last 3 years working in Ecosystem Service (ESS) mapping and modelling particularly focused on Sediment and Nutrient retention at national and local scale taking into account the climate changes and its implications on the land use. I am new in EPIC this year (2016) and I am actually working on 1.4.2 “Identifying and understanding multiple benefits and trade-offs - How can we identify resilient interventions for multiple benefits?” The project will analyse the current state of ESS delivery at national, regional and catchment scales and conduct a dynamic assessment of trends and resilience under drivers of change. This will consider the definition of constraints and opportunity for land use management and the production of the future mosaic scenario to assist the decision making process.

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