Dr Alyson Barratt

I am an applied research economist with an interest in animal health economics.

My main research interest is in the economics of animal health and welfare, and in the prevention and control of animal disease.  In collaboration with colleagues from SRUC and other institutes, I am developing a framework for cost benefit and economic welfare analysis that can be applied to future disease scenarios. My current work focuses on the application of these methods to a number of diseases in dairy and beef cattle in Scotland and the rest of the UK. I am also interested in economic and behavioural analysis of farmers' responses to animal disease control options (Topic 4) and of the implications, risks, and opportunities to the Scottish livestock industry resulting from a changing local and international policy environment (Topic 5). Further, I am interested in contributing to better integration of economic and epidemiological research in the field of animal health and welfare. 

Before joining SRUC, I worked as a fisheries economist with an interest in the natural resource management of marine capture fisheries. My PhD from the University of Aberdeen focused on fisheries management policy in relation to real-time area fishing closures, and on understanding individual fisher behaviour in the context of fish landed and the spatial fishing location choice of Scottish demersal fishers.


Framework for Estimating Indirect Costs in Animal Health Using Time Series Analysis. AS Barratt, KM Rich, JI Eze, T Porphyre, GJ Gunn, AW Stott

A framework for estimating society's economic welfare following the introduction of an animal disease: The case of Johne's disease. AS Barratt, MH Arnoult, B Vosough Ahmadi, KM Rich, GJ Gunn, AW Stott

Financial Vulnerability of Dairy Farms Challenged by Johne's Disease to Changes in Farm Payment Support. S Shrestha, B Vosough Ahmadi, AS Barratt, SG Thomson, AW Stott

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