Dr Alasdair Nisbet

I am Head of the Vaccines Pillar at Moredun. I graduated from Glasgow University with a BSc in Agricultural Zoology, followed by a PhD in Biochemistry. After postdoctoral periods at Aberdeen University and the University of Melbourne, I joined Moredun in 2004. Throughout my scientific career my research focus has been on novel methods of controlling invertebrate pests and parasites with an emphasis on understanding and exploiting the unique physiology of parasites of veterinary significance, in particular by understanding their interactions with the host.

My involvement in previous EPIC programmes has involved understanding the deployment of a novel diagnostic test for sheep scab. This encompassed both understanding how the test worked in the field during an eradication campaign and, importantly, how farmers’ decision making behaviour influenced test uptake and outcome. This led to the joint publication of a policy brief, with colleagues from University of Glasgow, to Scottish Government on the subject. 

In the current EPIC programme, my focus will continue to be on the novel control of endemic diseases of livestock, in particular sheep scab. This work involves the understanding of transmission dynamics of the disease and the potential impact on transmission of a novel sheep scab vaccine.


Uptake of diagnostic tests by livestock farmers: a stochastic game theory approach. S Mohr, R Beard, A Nisbet, S Burgess, R Reeve, M Denwood, T Porphyre, RN. Zadoks, L Matthews

Draft Genome Assembly of the Sheep Scab Mite, Psoroptes ovis. STG Burgess, K Bartley, EJ Marr, HW Wright, RJ Weaver, JC Prickett, M Hughes, S Haldenby, P Thi Le, S Rombauts, T Van Leeuwen, Y Van der Peer, AJ Nisbet

A recombinant subunit vaccine for the control of ovine psoroptic mange (sheep scab). STG Burgess, F Nunn, M Nath, D Frew, B Wells, EJ Marr, JF Huntley, TN McNeilly, AJ Nisbet

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