Dr Aaron Reeves

I am a quantitative veterinary epidemiologist, with particular interests in modelling the dynamics of infection and disease in animal populations, and in the application of data science and "Big Data" techniques to issues in animal population health.

I have designed and developed a number of epidemiological modelling applications and related tools, all of which my students, collaborators, and I have employed to simulate the spread and control of foot-and-mouth disease (FMD) and highly pathogenic avian influenza (HPAI), among others, in domestic animal populations.

Within EPIC, I am a coordinator for Topic 4 (Analyses of Potential Disease Control Options). I lead the EPIC Data Team and with the other members, I provide engineering, management, and curation for data regarding the demographics and movements of livestock and poultry; diagnostic testing data for endemic diseases of interest to EPIC; and additional information relevant to the spread of disease in livestock and poultry populations, such as the distribution of key wildlife species and insect vectors, and environmental and climate data. Our partners in this effort include the Scottish Government, ScotEID, Defra, APHA, and various industry stakeholders. The EPIC Data Repository is available for all researchers within EPIC for their work, and can be used for other RESAS- or Scottish Government-funded projects by special arrangement with the EPIC Data Team and our data providers.

I joined EPIC in 2014, after 19 years in various academic positions in the United States and Canada, where I contributed to projects conducted by Colorado State University, the Pan-American Health Organization – Pan-American Foot-and-Mouth Disease Center; the United States Department of Agriculture; the United States Department of Homeland Security, and the Canadian Food Inspection Agency.


Quantifying changes in the British cattle movement network. Andrew J.Duncan, Aaron Reeves, George J.Gunn, Roger W.Humphry

Epidemiology and Cost of Peste des Petits Ruminants (PPR) Eradication in Small Ruminants in the United Arab Emirates—Disease Spread and Control Strategies Simulations. Eihab M. Fathelrahman, Aaron Reeves, Meera S. Mohamed, Yassir M. Eltahir Ali, Adil I. El Awad, Oum-Keltoum Bensalah, Afra A. Abdalla

Animal Health Surveillance in Scotland in 2030: Using Scenario Planning to Develop Strategies in the Context of “Brexit”. LA Boden, H Auty, A Reeves, G Rydevik, P Bessell, IJ McKendrick

Modeling the impact of vaccination control strategies on a foot and mouth disease outbreak in the Central United States. SW McReynolds, MW Sanderson, A Reeves, AE Hill

Vulnerability of the British swine industry to classical swine fever. T Porphyre, C Correia-Gomes, ME Chase-Topping, K Gamado, HK Auty, I Hutchinson, A Reeves, G Gunn, MEJ Woolhouse


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