Vacancy: Research Fellow

We are seeking a post-doctoral research fellow to join EPIC, Scottish Government’s Centre of Expertise on Animal Disease Outbreaks and to provide expertise on data science and data analytic methods, including symbolic and neural AI methods.

Project details: EPIC is Scotland’s Centre of Expertise on Animal Disease Outbreaks established to provide expert advice to policymakers from the Animal Health and Welfare Division at the Scottish Government. EPIC seeks to foster a unique and synergistic environment among experts in veterinary medicine, epidemiology, genetics, physics, mathematics, social science and economics. These interdisciplinary collaborations serve EPIC’s purpose of responding to policy-relevant questions, more crucially but not exclusively, during animal disease emergencies.

This post will apply understanding and expertise in socio-ecological systems to the investigation of which types of epidemiological models are suitable in which situation to help inform the prevention and control of animal/zoonotic disease outbreaks. This will include consideration of what input data is available and its biases or level of detail, and what forms or structure of models are needed. Symbolic and neural AI methods, including natural language processing methods could be used. The work will link the coordination of policy demands and knowledge exchange to EPIC’s role as a data science hub.

Fo more information about EPIC please visit http://www.epicscotland.org

This full-time post (35 hours) is available on a fixed term basis from 1 May 2022 but will be renewed on an annual basis depending on future funding applications. The EPIC project has been running for over 15 years and has secured funding from Scottish Government until 2025.

Informal enquiries can be made to Lisa Boden lisa.boden@ed.ac.uk whilst formal applications must be completed via the website of The University of Edinburgh.


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