Trans-Atlantic Rural Research Network (TARRN) Annual Meeting 3rd - 5th April 2019

Social, Spatial and Environmental Justice and Inequalities

The overall aim of the TARRN meeting is to present and deliberate how contemporary rural research engages with issues associated with social, spatial and environmental justice and inequalities. The central theme has been created mindful of RSS and ESRS 2019 conferences and we hope that discussions from this meeting will feed into those events for those of you who plan to attend these conferences. It will include reflections about how rural research can involve diverse partners and new methods, and be presented and communicated in innovative ways to a variety of audiences. Specifically we want to explore how we can use different and innovative approaches to consider (in)justices and (in)equalities and the ways in which our research can create policy impact.

EPIC Scientists Orla Shortall and Adam Calo from The James Hutton Institute Aberdeen will be presenting: "Exploring risks created by novel governance mechanisms for the eradication of a cattle disease in the UK and Ireland".

Visit the TARRN meeting website for further details

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