Statistical and Mathematical Modeling in Biological Applications (SaMMBA): Seminar - Thibaud Porphyre

Thibaud Porphyre from The Roslin Institute, Edinburgh will be presenting a seminar on the 14th December 2017 at the Institut Pasteur, Paris.

The seminar series Statistical and Mathematical Modeling in Biological Applications (SaMMBA) features monthly lectures and discussions with leading modelers in biological sciences. Presentations are in English or French and target an interdisciplinary audience. Seminars are held on the campus of Institut Pasteur. Access is free. However, to enter the campus, one needs a badge that is obtained at the main gate in exchange of a piece of ID (passport, citizen card or driver licence). If you are planning to come from outside the campus, please contact Lulla Opatowski to have a badge ready when you arrive.

For additional information about the series, contact the organizers: Pierre-Yves Böelle, Romulus Breban, Vittoria Colizza, Judith Legrand, Lulla Opatowski, Chiara Poletto, Virginie Supervie, Laura Temime and Elisabeta Vergu. To arrange to meet with an invited speaker, contact the host of that speaker.

The SaMMBA seminars receive financial support from the ANRS and the region Ile de France through the “DIM Systèmes complexes” and from the department MIA of INRA. 

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