Risk-Based Evidence for Animal Health Policy: Frontiers Research Topic abstract submissions open

Deadline for abstract submissions 8th January 2019 for Frontiers Research Topic  'Risk-Based Evidence for Animal Health Policy'.

Research Topic Editors include EPIC scientists: Lisa Boden; Harriet Auty; George Russell and Thibaud Porphyre.

Abstract submissions deadline 8th January 2019 

Manuscript deadline 7th June 2019

This Frontiers Research Topic explores the development of the interdisciplinary evidence base for animal (and public) health and different mechanisms used to ensure its effective delivery to policy-makers in order to better anticipate and respond appropriately to existing and emerging animal and zoonotic disease risks. The primary focus is on the application of risk-based evidence to improve policy-making for animal health priorities.

Authors are encourage to submit Original Research, Reviews, and Opinions on issues exploring issues on developing and/or communicating risk-based evidence to improve decision-making in animal health.

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