New EPIC Blog launched

New to the EPIC website is our Blog page. The blog pages provide a space for our researchers and guest bloggers to share their views and insights into a wide range of topics. We hope you find the blog posts interesting. Keep up to date with the latest posts by following us on Twitter @EpicScotland and at www.epicscotland.org/epic-blog/

Launching our Blog is EPIC Director Prof. Dom Mellor sharing insight from working to help animal keepers to minimise the impact of infectious agents that become resistant to drugs that should kill these agents. Read the full blog post here

We have also brought together some previously published articles and blog posts from our researchers’:
Dr. Orla Shortall: ‘Cows eat grass, don’t they?’ at the Edinburgh Fringe 2018
Prof. Alistair Stott: ‘We can all make a real difference’ – retiring Alistair reflects on 27 years at SRUC
Prof. Lucy Gilbert: EPIC scientists demonstrate the importance of slaughterhouse data to understand the risks of liver fluke across Scotland



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