IBMS Congress 2019

Professor Mellor will be speaking on 24 September at IBMS Congress, Birmingham, UK. 

The lecture will include:

Following attendance at this lecture delegates will understand:

Despite being ‘One’, One Health suffers from meaning different things to different people, and is confused by other similar terms such as ‘Ecohealth’ or ‘Planetary Health’. Ideally, all these subtly different definitions need to coalesce around the same clear meaning.

By definition, One Health is multidisciplinary and has hitherto operated very much ‘in parallel’ between existing specialisms. However, to fully meet its potential, overarching interdisciplinary generalism is needed to synthesise and optimise the multiple outputs of component specialisms. Arguably, this set up has not been created or resourced yet.

The relationships between research, policy and operational practise should be mutually supportive and function as a harmonious virtuous circle. However, in reality, these can be tense as in any discipline and tend to be blurred as a result of funding and research impact agendas to the detriment of serving public good in an optimal way.

The IBMS congress takes place 22-25 September 2019.

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