"Cows eat grass, don’t they?” Dundee Pint of Science

1930h 22nd May 2019

"Bullying and Cows" Pint of Science, Clarks on Lindsay Street, Dundee DD1 1PS

Dr Orla Shortall (James Hutton Institute)

The cows that made the milk that went into your tea or your cereal this morning might well be housed all year round, never grazing. The image of cows in fields peacefully munching green grass in an idyllic rural setting is not always the case. Is year round housing cruel, or a legitimate practice for the dairy industry? What does animal welfare mean? Orla Shortall argues that science alone doesn’t provide the answer. It is ultimately a question of values – specifically, why and how we value agriculture.

"Cows eat grass, don’t they?” is part of "Bullying and Cows" Pint of Science Aberdeen

Clarks on Lindsay Street, 80 North Lindsay Street, Dundee DD1 1PS

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