6th World One Health Congress

The 6th World One Health Congress will be held in Edinburgh from the 14th to the 18th of June 2020. The congress will be co-organised by the One Health Platform, the University of Edinburgh, Africa CDC and the Southern African Centre for Infectious Disease Surveillance.

The deadline for abstracts for the congress is the 15th of January 2020. The deadline for Congress Fellowship applications is also the 15th of January 2020.

The One Health Platform is a strategic forum of One Health stakeholders and advocates who strongly support the idea of an integrated approach to human, animal and environmental health as the best solution to complex and urgent health threats.

The fight against antimicrobial resistance and the development of better and safer medicines for zoonoses and emerging infectious diseases are among the main objectives of the One Health Platform. To address these challenges successfully, however, we urgently need to integrate know-how, evidence and technologies from key players involved in healthcare research, including academic institutions and pharmaceutical companies. The One Health Platform therefore brings together academics (Scientific Advisory Board), the pharmaceutical industry (Industry Advisory Board) and public health officials (International One Health Coalition) to determine the most urgent research gaps, coordinate research, disseminate study results, advocate and implement the One Health Agenda in order to improve the health of humans, animals and the environment through evidence-based policy.

To register for the congress, or for more information, visit the website.

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