Work with us

The team works closely with the livestock industry and policy makers to anchor its research in the reality of Scottish farming and develop impactful evidence based advice to improve resilience.

If you work in the livestock industry or just keep a few sheep, cows or hens; please subscribe to our newsletter or follow us on twitter to find about how you can help with our research. This might be through attending an industry interface day helping researchers ground their work or completing a questionnaire to generate data for EPIC's latest studies.

Other roles within the EPIC team 

Many of EPIC's scientists share their time and funding with other projects. When other roles within EPIC become available they are based and advertised through one of the consortium partners.

Vacancies at BioSS

Vacancies at University of Glasgow

Vacancies at Roslin

Vacancies at Moredun

Vacancies at The Jame Hutton Institute

Vacancies at University of Edinburgh

Vacancies at SRUC



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