What we do

EPIC seeks to foster a unique and synergistic environment in which scientists who are expert in veterinary medicine, epidemiology, genetics, physics, mathematics, social science and economics can come together to respond to policy-relevant questions in ‘peace-time’ as well as during animal disease emergencies.

This initiative involves partnership with Scottish Government veterinarians, scientists and policy officials, as well as engagement with stakeholders and the public, to capitalise on our shared knowledge and expertise and ensure that decisions for local action are based on robust evidence, as is fundamental to improving further the resilience of Scottish livestock industries.

The centre provides top quality epidemiological advice to Scottish Government to guard against, and/or in response to, animal disease outbreaks. The consortium flexibly occupies the continuum between applied, policy-responsive work and longer term, curiosity-driven research. Applied research forms the basis of advice to policy makers whilst the researcher driven enquiry is essential to sustain the experience-base, quality and credibility of the science available to inform policy.

EPIC Structure and Governance

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EPIC 2011-2016 achievements presentation


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