EPIC Conference 2019

The 2019 EPIC Conference took place at the John McIntyre Conference Centre in Edinburgh on the 3rd and 4th of September.

Below are all of the presentations from the two day event.

Day One

Opening address from Mairi Gougeon MSP, Minister for Rural Affairs and the Natural Environment


Chief Scientific Adviser for Scotland Andrew Millar gives the keynote for our Science session


Stephen Catterall from BioSS presents research on modelling disease spread when the host distribution is uncertain


Kaj Stanski from the Roslin Institute presents research on machine learning for herd-level bTB breakdown predictions


Kokouvi Gamado from BioSS presents research on informing control of between-farm disease outbreaks


Anne-Sophie Ruget from the Roslin Institute presents research on network analysis of animal movements for disease control


George Gunn from SRUC presents Alyson Barratt's research on the economic consequences of retaining BVD PIs


Chief Veterinary Officer for Scotland Sheila Voas gives the keynote for our Policy and Governance session


George Russell from the Moredun Research Institute presents research on how sequencing can help us understand BVD infection


May Fujiwara from the Global Academy of Agriculture and Food Security presents her research on the risk of Avian Influenza incursion into the gamebird sector


Sue Tongue from SRUC presents research on improving the use of existing surveillance data with an application to Cryptosporidium


Giles Innocent from BioSS presents research on using animal histories to identify TB reactors


Charlie Adam, VP of NFU Scotland gives the keynote for our Meeting Industry Demand session


Thibaud Poyphyre of the Roslin Institute presents research on modelling the risk of African Swine Fever spread


Sibylle Mohr from the University of Glasgow presents research on changing movement standstills and the impact on Foot and Mouth Disease risk


Orla Shortall from the James Hutton Institute presents research exploring the governance of BVD eradication in the UK and Ireland


Our expert panel discuss knowledge sharing at the science - policy - industry interface

Day Two

Christos Lynteris from the University of St Andrews leads us through disentangling politics, pathogens and pandemics


Dominic Moran from the University of Edinburgh looks at whether sustainable planetary health is compatible with intensive livestock production


Vittoria Colizza from INSERM looks at how data and AI can shape a better future for animal health and disease control


EPIC III Director Dominic Mellor closes the 2019 EPIC Conference

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