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EPIC is the Centre of Expertise on Animal Disease Outbreaks, bringing together interdisciplinary expertise to provide Scottish Government with high quality advice and analyses on the epidemiology of animal diseases.


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6th World One Health Congress Programme Highlights

18:00CET Friday 30 October:  Lisa Boden 'Introduction to WOHC and One Health'  Special Partner Sessions supported by SEFARI

18:00CET Friday 30 October: Rowland Kao 'One Health Approaches to Emergent infections under Climate Change and Threats to Biodiversity' Special Partner Sessions supported by SEFARI

14:00CET Tuesday 3rd November: Paul Bessell 'Simulation modelling of COVID-19 with the Scottish COVID-19 Response. Una Europe Session [Open Access via Zoom] 


EPIC One Health Knowledge exchange outputs. Scroll through a range of publications, reports, research/policy briefs and blog post produced by EPIC researchers related to one health themes. 

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Featured EPIC One Health Posters

from previous conferences

A One Health approach to understanding the epidemiology of Cryptosporidium in Scotland Poster. Sue C Tongue, Jude Eze, Alison Smith-Palmer, Geoffrey Foster, Franz Brülisauer, Lynda Browning, Harriet Auty, Gillian Hawkins, Dominic Mellor

Blah Blah Blacksheep [ECPVH 2019]  Sue C. Tongue, Julie Stirling, Judith Evans, Steven Murray, Catriona Webster, Roger W. Humphry, the CARS-NHSFSS team, George J. Gunn, Geoffrey Foster

Ecological considerations of ticks and Lyme disease risk. [COSLA 2019] Lucy Gilbert

Exploring governance of bovine viral diarrhoea eradication across the UK and Ireland. [EPIC Conference 2019] Orla Shortall and Adam Calo

Land use and disease risk. [Land Use Conference 208] Lucy Gilbert, Paul Bessell, Ian Hutchinson, Harriet Auty, Theo Pepler, Lisa Boden

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