EPIC 2017 Conference: Presentations, programme and video

Coordinated Interdisciplinary (Scientific) Support of Livestock Outbreak Response.

John McIntyre Conference Centre, Edinburgh, 12th & 13th September 2017.

EPIC (Epidemiology, Population Health and Infection Control), is the Centre of Expertise on Animal Disease Outbreaks, a multi-institutional research consortium to deliver the highest quality scientific evidence to support the Scottish Government (SG) in the prevention of, preparation for and elimination of important animal diseases.

EPIC held the first of three planned conferences (funding period 2016-2021) over the 12th and 13th of September 2017 presenting a mix of science from EPIC, as well as input from government and policy stakeholders, and from external invited presenters. The invited audience was a mix of government and industry stakeholders and researchers numbering over a 100 in total.

Visit our dedicated EPIC 2017 Conference pages for recordings of presentations and programme.

EPIC 2017 Conference pages

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