Enjoyed the Royal Highland Show 2017?


Copies of our posters presented at RHS 2017 are available to download below:

Moredun: BVD Eradication in Scotland

The Moredun Institute is home to the EPIC BVD Biobank. Find out about how EPIC scientists are using genetic sequencing to help Scotland's BVD eradication programme.



Moredun: Sheep Scab - Stop the Cycle

 Find out about the Moredun Institute's work on diagnosis and control of sheep scab.




Roslin: Prioritising Disease Threats, Preparing for Disease Threats and Improving Disease Control Strategies

Find out how Roslin scientists analyse sequence data from BVD and Avian Influenza viruses generated by Moredun and others.  This work provides insights into the routes of infection between places and helps with the tricky later stages of the BVD eradication programme.



University of Glasgow: Veterinary Epidemiology, Animal Movements and Disease Transmission Models

Scientists from the Institute of Biodiversity, Animal Health and Comparative Medicine will be joining the Glasgow vet school stand presenting work on how mathematical modelling forms an integral part of EPIC's work protecting Scotland's livestock.




Download reports

Copies of the Surveillance Scenario Planning Report and EPIC Final Report 2011-2016 featured at the show are also available for download (see right hand panel).

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